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SK Series Induction Heater Demo Video

We have THREE main product series:
1. Portable Series Induction Heater from 10Kw~ 25Kw;
2. Air Cooled Series Induction Heater from 40Kw ~ 500Kw;
3. Water cooled Series Induction Heater from 40KW ~ 500Kw.

What We do

We are the professional manufacturer in city of Shanghai,China to provide induction-heating solution to the customized requirements.

Our SANKY PRO Medium frequency Induction Heaters 10KW~320KW,can max heat up 1000°C or 1850°F, which are widely used for PWHT, Pipeline induction heat,annealing,post weld heat treatment,shrink fitting,Field joint coat preheating

We serve clients from various engineering industries: Oil&Gas Pipeline, Ship building & Repairing, Welding, Petrol Chemical, Metal Fabrication



PWHT for Pipe Joints

Preheat FJC

Preheat Epoxy Coating

Hot Shrink Fitting the Valve

Pipeline Heating in Cold



Preheat weld ship deck

PWHT for thick billet



Heat the material in pipes

Hot Shrink Fitting the Valve

Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

Preheat for coat or de-coat

PWHT for Vessel

Pipe Bending

CrankShaft Quenching

Copper&Alum Brazing

Advantage of Induction Heat

Compared with other heating solutions like electric-resist heating, flaming torch heating, Our induction heat has many advantages: Heat speed is fast, More energy saving, Temperature precisely control, Installation with short lead-time, Can be embedded into automatically line, Safe operation for the user, No environmental pollution, Easy maintenance, etc.

Heat Evenly

HeatING Evenly

Induction heating theory is that the induction coils create electro-magnetic field to make metal work-piece inducted and make heating by work-piece itself, rather than rely on heat transferring. It is truly non-touch type heating process. The metal work-piece can be heated evenly at the areas that are covered by electro-magnetic field at horizontal level and vertical level.

High Efficiency

high efficiency

95% electric power can transfer into heating power directly with few power losses. Customers can save considerable cost of the electric energy. High efficiency means less manpower, less energy consuming, less lead-time for your project. The heat speed is much faster.Since some applications like the FJC (Field Joint Coating) require preheat time as quick as possible. So the induction heating solution is the best.

Temperature Control Precisely

Control Precisely

The induction heating process and temperature can be precisely control. Especially for thick metal board, the temperature on the outer surface and inner side surface are at few different, which is essential to ensure welding quality. The digital recorder has 2-12 channels to monitor and record, and the curve chart can be generated for viewing and printing.

Short Install Time

Less Install Time

Our Induction heater is easier to be installed and uninstalled with much more less time. What's more, our induction heat machine can be equipped with mobile wheels and lift eyelets that are helpful to move around on site. The module conception design for the machine will help user easily to make maintenance and repairs work. Self-diagnose & alert system helps users quickly and easily identify or trouble shoot the operation failure or even risk.

Automatical Line design

Embed Automatic

Our induction heating machine can be designed to build into as a part for a automatic production line. The inductor work-head will be designed and made according to various application. For example, the automatic induction heating for annealing in automobile industry.

Heating Application Demo Video

We make the demostration video on the youtube to illustrate how our SANKY PRO induction heater and key accessory works in the most popurlar applications: PWHT for oil&gas pipe weld joint; Preheat work with coil strap; Induction Heating workhead embedded in automactic weld line; Induction Clamp coil for the pipe.